Omiya Park

Travel Information

Omiya Park (大宮公園) is located north of Hikawa Shrine. It was used to be a part of Hikawa Shrine, but now it is park with zoo, many sports facilities, Japanese garden, plum forest and a pond. Many people around Omiya visit here for family activities and weekend recreations. Also, it is chosen as one of 100 best Sakura Spot in Japan.

Tourist Info.
There is restroom and parking.
The Zoo is free.

0. at Omiya Station.
1. use Tobu Noda Line to Kita-Omiya.
2. walk south (10 min.)

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Map around Omiya Park

Detailed Travel Guide

Omiya Park
Spots Facilities:
Baseball Field.
Soccer Field.
Athletic Field.
Swimming Pool.
Archery Range.

History and Folk Museum.
Tea House.
Japanese Garden.