Nonaka Ippo Cedar

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Nonaka's Ippo Cedar (野中の一方杉) is one of the popular spots located on Kumano kodo road. There are many over 800 years old Cedar trees in Tsugizakura Oji. All of the trees only have their brunches faceing south where Nachi Shrine is located. Ippou means one direction. That's why this Cedars are called Ippo Cedar.

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There are parking and restroom.

4. Kii Tanabe Station.
5. Use local bus to Nonaka no Shimizu (head to Kumano Hongu Taisya)

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Nonaka Ippo Cedar

Nonaka no Ippo Sugi is the group of giant cedar trees that is registered as the national historic sites. They are over 800 years old Cedars. All of them has only brunches south where Mt. Nachi is located.