Nishio the Maccha Town

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Nishio is known as the town of Maccha (西尾のお抹茶巡り). It is located in southern Aichi Prefecture. Nishio is the best producer of Maccha in Japan because it is the only town that only focused on producing Maccha. There are many green tea trees farm, and tea brand shops in this town so that you can buy fresh Maccha or any other tea leaf products. Especially, the Maccha sweets and green tea sweets are very famous and tasty. Many factories have factory tours for producing Maccha.

Tourist Info.
There are parking and restroom for each spots.

0. at Mikawa Anjo
1. use JR Tokaido Line to Kariya (6 min.)
2. use Meitetsu Mikawa Line to Chiryu (6 min.)
3. use Meitetsu Nagoya Line to Nishio (25 min.)
4. walk west (15 min.) or use the local bus to Nishiojo


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Nishio the Maccha Town
Nishio has the warm weather and rich soil from Yasaku River that is the best place for the cultivation of green tea trees. Therefore, Nishio produces about 30% of the gross production of Maccha in Japan.

The history of Nishio's Maccha begins in 1271 at Jissoji Temple and spread to all over the town around Edo period. Today, there are many green tea farms and their maccha brand companies.

Also, there are many maccha sweets you can enjoy. You can get a strolling map at Nishio Castle.