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Nippori (日暮里) Let see what we are going to find. You will never know what you will find in this video. There is Japanese style motel. There is Japanese cemetery. Japanese family shares one thumb because it is dedicated the whole family line. Nippori has also Yanaka Ginza. Not like the other Ginza, it very classical kind of shopping street. There is Chonmage imo, which is a cookie made by sweet potato and black beans. It has the shape is the same shape of hair style of Smo wrestler or samurai. There are so many Japanese classical houses.
Tourist Info:
Nippori literally means "place where the sun set," named in 18th century, because in this amazing city, once you started playng, whole day just went by.
0. From Tokyo station.
1. use Yamanote line (JR) to Nippori Station. (11 minutes)
2. walk west (1 minute)

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