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Ningyou-Cho (人形町) is Tokyo Gourmet Spots, especially traditional Japanese sweets, located east side of Tokyo Station. There are many traditional sweet shops in this town, especially Ningyoyaki. Ningyoyaki is a doll-shaped pancake. Also, there are many established shops, too. Amazake Street is a popular spot in Ningyocho.

Tourist Info.
You can get a map of Ningyocho at everywhere in this area.

0. at Tokyo Station
1. walk to Otemachi Station.
2. use Tozai Line to Kayabacho (3 min.)
3. use Hibiya Line to Ningyocho (3 min.)

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Map around Ningyou-Cho

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Ningyocho literary means a puppet town. In Edo Period, many puppet masters lived in this area.

There are many established restaurants and food stands in this area. They covers from Tofu store, Sushi Bar, Japanese pickles, western style restaurants, and lots of Japanese sweets stores.