Nebuta Matsuri Sea Traveling

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Nebuta Matsuri Sea Traveling(ねぶた祭り海上運行) is one of the most famous festival of Aomori prefecture. It happens in from August 2 to 7. Nebuta Matsuri is a parade with many huge paper dolls. Those paper dolls are lighten up beautifully from the inside at night. The decoration of the dolls take mostly heroes of Japanese myth or Chinese legends. Each doll is 9m wide, 5m tall and 8m deep. At the last date of Nebuta Matsuri, August 7, 5 best Nebuta that won the competition will be displayed on a boat and travel Aomori Bay. At the same time, there is fireworks behind the boat. It is one of the best night Matsuri in Japan.

Tourist Info.
The Nebuta's sea traveling happenes at the night of August 7. 5 to 7 Nebuta travel in Mutsu Bay in front of Aoiumi Park.
They start at 19 p.m. At the same time, there is fireworks.

0. Aomori Station.
1. walk east to Mutsu

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Nebuta Matsuri Sea Traveling

Nebuta matsuri is one of the most famous Summer festival held from August 2 to 7 at night. Only last day, Nebuta parade at daytime and there is sea traveling at night with fireworks.

Nebuta is a huge paper dolls with light inside. Therefore, it will blight beautifully at night. Every year people design new Nebuta. There are over 20 super decorated Nebuta. 5 to 7 best Nebuta will be traveling in Mutsu Bay.

The ships with Nebuta travel from east side of Mutsu Bay and back to the same spot. The fireworks and Nebuta is very beautiful combination.

The origin of Nebuta is unkown. One of legend said, it was the combination of Tanabata Matsuri and local ceremony of floating candle and dolls. The current style started around early 18th century. It was imitated from Neputa Masturi of Hirosaki.