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Nataya Town (鉈屋町) is popular tourist spots of Morioka city, Iwate Prefecture. It is the Edo style town with many traditional buildings and beautiful temples. Those buildings give the tourist the view of classic castle town of Morioka. It also has many pure springs.

Tourist Info.
There are parking and restroom.
You can park at Morioka Machiya-story Museum.

0. at Morioka Station.
1. walk east.


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Nataya Town
Morioka Machiya Story Museum
... used to be Iwategawa Brewery Factory in Nataya-cho. In July, 2014 after Morioka City renovated the building, it opened as "Morioka Machiya-story Museum" with the concept, "meet nostalgic liveliness." The museum is amied to be a place open for everyone to freely release prefectural information of Iwate and it also provides local information.

With three arterial roads intersecting at the entrace of Morioka castle city, Nataya-cho area flourished in Edo period. It sitll leaves traces of many historical attractions such as the town scpae of Morioka Machiya and their life styles.
This museum is considered as a valuable resource and is protected to be inherited for the future generation.
Please enjoy the history and remnants of the castle town Morioka along with the nostalgic atomosphere of the museum,S main building and three warehouses.

16 Rakan Statues
There are 16 Buddhist Saints Statues and 5 divin gods of Buddhism. They were created in 1837 to 1850 for people who died by famines. They are very rare stone statues because they are built by the local villagers.

Daijikiyomizu Rest House
... is the over 100 years old traditional buildings that open for free rest house for the visitors. You can enter and rest at the traditonal Japanese house.

Daijiji Temple
Established in 1673. The main feature of this town. THere is the grave of Hara Takashi.

There are 2 springs that are designated as the Heisei 100 best water.