Myohonji Temple

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Myohonji (妙本寺) is one of the Nichiren Buddhism temple which built at 1260. It was built for holding a memorial service for Nichiren and Hiki family. Main Temple is one of the tallest temple in Japan. One of the great temple in Kamakura. It has great harmony with a huge temple and quiet nature. There are two gate leading to this temple.

Visitor Info.
Entrance fee. 100 yen. No parking.

0. at Kamakura Station.
1. walk east (10 min.)

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Map around Myohonji Temple

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Myohonji Temple

This temple is one of the important place for Kamakura history. It was originally place for Hiki (比企) family who has great relationship between Minamoto No Yoritomo (the firest shogun who starts the government). However, because they stated having more power, Yoritomo's wife and her family, Hojo (北条), got the noids. After the death of the 3rd shogun, Minamoto No Yoriie (源 頼家), Hiki family and Hojo family fight for next shogun. Hiki family lost and the family were killed by Hojo family. However, one of Hiki's daughter, Takenogosho (竹の御所), who is also daughter of Yoriie, became 4th shogun's wife. Because Takenogosho's first son was dead in bearing. They build the temple for their son. That is the begining of the temple.

The temple has two gate and two main temples which is the typical style for Nichiren Buddhism. The old and huge temple is one of the tallest temple in Japan, which also has many important treasures. Temple is located in small valley and forest. It gives you great peaceful moment and scenery.