Musashiseki Park

Travel Information

Musashiseki Park (武蔵関公園, musashisekikouen) is the 100 years old park. Park is formed around a Musashiseki pond. Many wild birds live and nest in the park. There are two islands in the pond: Ashino-shima and Matsuno-shima. These islands offer good nests for the wild birds in the whole Tokyo area. You can enjoy ridding a boat in this pond. There are one hundred species of trees in this park.
Tourist info:
You can enjoy fishing and bird watching. There are some spots where you can play with water. Ridding boat costs very low. Because there are many kinds of trees, this park shows many characteristics for each season.
0. at Tokyo Station
1. use Chuo line (JR) to Shinjuku(15 min.)
2. use Yamanote line(JR) to Takadanobaba(5 min.)
3. use Seibu Shinjuku line(JR) to Higashifushimi(31 min.)
4. walk south east (2 min.)

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