Monzen Namahage Statue

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Monzen's Namahage Statue (門前なまはげ像) is one of 3 Giant Namahage in Oga peninsula. It is about 10m tall. It is located in parking of Monzen Hotel town. Namahage is famous Ogre of Akita prefecture.

Tourist Info.
There is parking and restroom.

0. at Akita Station.
1. use JR Oga Namahage Line to Oga Station.
2. use Local bus to Monzen chushajo.

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Monzen Namahage Statue

Legend of Namahage:
Once upon time in Oga Peninsula, Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty arrived at Oga with 5 bats. 5 bats changed to Ogres and served very well to the Emperor. In January 15, the Emperor gave Ogre one day break. This was the first time for Ogres to get off the mountain and visit village. Ogres were so happy and lost their control. They destroyed farm and kidnapped women of the village. The villagers got angry and try to fight against Ogre. However, Ogre won and they became more aggressive.

Later, villagers offers one agreement with Ogres. Every year, they will provide the woman to Ogre if they can built 1,000 stone steps to the Goshado just in overnight. If they fail, they must not visit the village again.

When Ogre finished 999 steps, villagers imitate the sound of Chicken, "Cock-a-doodle-doo." Ogres surprised and they thought they failed.

Later, they never appeared the village again. Legend, said Goshado enshrined these 5 Ogres and the story is the model of Namahage.