Miyama Kayabuki Village

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Miyama Kayabuki Village (美山かやぶきの里) is one of the old villages that have the view of the old time of Japan. It is located in Miyama, Kyoto Prefecture. There are 39 Kayabuki style roof building, Thatched roof buildings, in this village. You can enjoy the scenery of the old time in Japan. These houses are still used by the people here. Some of them are opened for public.

Tourist Info.
There are parking and restroom.
Please be quiet and do not enter any private properties.

0. at Kyoto Station
1. use Sagano Sanin Line to Hiyoshi Station.
2. use a local bus to Yasukake or Miyama Kayabukinosato

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Miyama Kayabuki Village
Miyama Kayabuki Village is Gassho Style town located in northern Kyoto Prefecture. There are 39 Kayabuki, Thatched roof buildings in this town. Because of this old scenery, this village is registered as the preserved scenery of the group of the traditional buildings.

Some of the houses are open for public as the museum. There are visitor's centers and gift shops that has Kayabuki style houses.