Misaka Mt.Pass

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Misaka Mt.Pass (御坂峠, misaka touge) is one of the great view spot of Mt.Fuji in Yamanashi Prefecture. It is 1310m high. There is great tea house called Tengachaya (天下茶屋) where you can eat great Hoto and drink green tea. Matsutake is also one of the famous menu in this tea house. There are couple of hiking courses reached the spot for view of Mt. Fuji. 

Tourist Info.
There is a few parking space where you can park. There are couple attraction in this spot.
1. Memorial Tree with Rainbow Bridge is the best night scenery in Japan.
2. There is small but beautiful white Christmas tree with 200,000 LED lights.
3. You can use photo session service to take photo with your girl/boy friend.

Not only the Christmas, but in the new year's day from 01/01 to 01/12, and Valentine's Day 01/24 to 03/14.

0. at Kawaguchiko Station
1. use Fujikyutozan bus to Tengachaya (40 min.)

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Misaka Mt.Pass

This is one of three great view spots (Hanamizusaka, Nishiyukisaka). This pass was named from the Japanese myth, Yamatotakerunomikoto. This pass was used for long time to connect Kai (North Yamanashi) and Suruga (South Mt. Fuji) since Kamakura period.

There is stele with the poem of Osamu Dazai who is the greatest writer in Showa period.
"Fujiniha Tsukimiso ga yoku niau"

"Mt. Fuji become more beautiful, when you see it with evening primrose."