Mino Akasaka Juku

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Mino Akasaka Juku (美濃赤坂宿) is 56th post town of Nakasendo Road from Edo, Tokyo. It is located in Gifu Prefecture. There are many traditional houses that offers the time traveling to us. It was also used to be the port town.

Tourist Info.
There is no parking.
There is a restroom.

0. at Ogaki Station.
1. use JR Tokaido Line to Mino Akasaka Station.
2. walk west.

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Map around Mino Akasaka Juku

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Mino Akasaka Juku
Akasaka Juku is the 56th post town of Nakasendo. It is located Ogaki City, Gifu Prefecture.It flourished during the Edo Period, as it was located in a fertile valley, next to a river.

In 1843, the post station had 1,129 residents and 292 buildings. Among the buildings, there was one honjin, one sub-honjin, and 17 hatago.

Today, you are able to see the old row houses and historical ruins from this Edo period post town. Also, for a more detailed look at the old post town, a virtual tour has been created, which introduces the area at the beginning of the Nakasendo Road; in 1680, during the Edo Period; at the end of the Tokugawa Government and in modern times.