Mine Onsen Daifuntou Park

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Mine Onsen Daifunto Park (峰温泉 大噴湯公園) is largest hot spring in Asia. Every one hour they have great hot spring which goes up to 30m high. It will keep springing about 1 minutes, and amount of hot water is 600 ℓ par minutes. You can eat Onsen Egges boiled with hot spring.

Tourist Info.
Parking: 500 yen
Hot spring show: 9:30 10:30 11:30 12:30 13:30 14:30 15:30
No Spring on Tuesday and Friday

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Mine Onsen Daifuntou Park

Mine Hot Spring was found in 1926 with great splash of hot water which rise 30m high. Since then, the hot spring still splash the hot water over 80 years. History of Daifunto “Great spring” is actually started over 1200 years ago. In 779, there are many hot springs grow in this area and many monks and travelers visit here to enjoy Onsen.

In 1922, Tokitaro Inaba started digging new Onsen. He took 4 years to find this hot spring. The first spring was reached up to 50m high.

Now days, over 100 springs are still strongly spring without the filters.