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MIA Ski Resort (開田高原マイアスキー場) is one of the great ski resort located in Kaida Highland, Nagano Prefecture. It has an excellent powder snow because the altitude of the hill is very high. Because MIA is located on Mt. Ontake, it has a great view of Chuo Alps and Kita Alps mountains. There are 8 different courses including kids course. The slopes of the hills covers from the beginners to the expert. Also, it has a couples of slaloms that satisfies the professionals. There are curling field, Ice Wall Climbing, and Snowshoe Trekking as well.

Tourist Info.
There are parking and restroom.
Lift Tickets:
1500 Yen for adult and 1200 Yen for kids on weekdays.
3900 Yen for adult and 2500 Yen for senior and 1500Yen for kids on weekends and Holiday.
Time: 8:30 to 16:30.
Season: From December to end of April.

Need a car.
Drive Route 19 to 361 to Mt. Ontake.

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Map around MIA Ski Resort

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MIA Ski Resort

Kaida Highland MIA Ski Resort is one of the great ski spots in Nagano Prefecture. It is located on the south east side of Mt. Ontake. The altitude of the top of the hill is 2,120m from the sea level. It is very high, therefore it has a beautiful powder snow and great view. It has a great view with wide open courses and the longest course is 3.2km long.

There is Ski and Snowboarding Gear Rental Shop that you can borrow everything including the Ski wears. MIA also has a great Ski Academy that has a great lesson for both Ski and Snowboarding.

Sky High: middle to expert. 1,350m long.
Blue Diamond: middle to expart. 1,350m long.
Phoxy: beginner to middle: 950m long.
Prema: beginner to middle: 880m long.
Jumbo Foot: beginner to middle: 900m long.
Magic Slalom: Training your turning skills.
Olympian: Practice course for Slalom.
Kids Park: There is moving pass for kids.

Restaurant: It has a great Nabe, Japanese style stews.
Gift Shop:
Tee Horn: 350 Panorama Cafe with rotating floor.
Rental Ski and Snowboard Gear.
HEAD Sports Station: Rent the latest model of HEAD SKI boards.

Snowshoe Trekking.
Curling Field.
Ice Climbing.
MIA Ski Academy.
Guest House for overnight.

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