Makiba Restaurant

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Makiba Restaurant (まきばレストラン) is a great giant burger restaurant located in Kiyosato, Yamanashi Prefecture. It has a huge burger that looks like a tower. This restaurant also has the dairy farm, therefore it has a tasty milk product and fresh cheese, butter and other dairy products. Not only the burger, but also all the menu has a fresh local product as well. The view from the table has great Chichibu, Yatsugatake Mountain and Mt. Fuji.

Tourist Info.
There are parking and restroom.
Open: 11:00 to 16:00
Jumbo Burger 1680 yen.
The outside terrace is available for people with dogs.

0. Kobuchizawa Station.
1. use JR Yatsugatakekogen Line to Kai Oizumi Station.
2. walk north.

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Map around Makiba Restaurant

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Makiba Restaurant
Makiba Restaurant is one of the facilities in Makiba park. Makiba Park is a dairy farm located in Kiyosato, Yamanashi Prefecture. Because of the high altitude, Kiyosato is a great place for a dairy farm. During the summer time, the farm opens and people can play with many animals.

In the restaurant, there are many great meals that made from the fresh local vegetables and meats from the farm.