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Lake Motosu (本栖湖, Motosuko) is the one of the five lakes around Mt.Fuji. It's the clearest and the deepest lake of all of five. Lake Motosu is very popular spot for wind-surfing. In the back of Mt.Fuji is printed Mt. Fuji. And That Mt.Fuji is Mt.Fuji from Lake Motosu.
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Lake Motosu has great hotels and learning centers because the view of Mt.Fuji is beautiful. Also, there are many camping spots and other leisure places. Fishing, Scuba diving, yacht and wind surfing is the major sports in Lake Motosu. In autumn, you can enjoy colored leaves.
0. at Kawaguchiko St.
1. Use local bus to Motosuko (40 min.)

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Summary of Lake Motosu

Lake Motosu is one of the Fuji Five Lakes (Fujigoko). One of the major spot for wind surfing. Also it's very famous fishing (rainbow trout). for It has high degree of clearness of water. Many Hotels, sports facilities, and camping lodges are located here in Lake Motosu.
On New Years Day, the Sun rises up from the peak of Mt. Fuji. In summer, Lake Motosu has many festivals and fireworks.