Lake Shinsei

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Lake Shinsei (震生湖) is the newest natural lake in Japan. It is located in Hadano and Nakai in Kanagawa prefecture. It was created in 1923 by Great Kanto earthquake. The name "Shinsei" means "Disaster always happens when people forget about it." Many people visit this lake for fishing. The forest around the lake is preserved, so you can enjoy great hiking with fresh air.

Tourist Info.
There is parking and restroom, but not much grocery shores around.

0. at Odawara Station
1. use Odaku Odawara Line to Hadano (20 min.)
2. use local bus to Shinseiko (30 min.)

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Map around Lake Shinsei

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Lake Shinsei

You can enjoy fishing. Common Carp, Crucian Carps, Black Bass, Bluegill, and Freshwater Minnow are inhabitat of this lake.

There is no rivers runs in or out from this lake. There are many trees which will have great autumn leaves in fall.

Size : 0.013 km²
Line : 1 km
Depth : 10 m
Water : Solid water
Revolution : 155 m from sea level