Kuroshio Wadaiko Festival

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South Izu Kuroshio Wadaiko Festival (南伊豆黒潮和太鼓まつり) is the festival of wadaiko, the Japanese Drums.
There are 5 wadaiko team from around Shizuoka and have great demonstration of Wadaiko music. It opens at Furusato park at Minamiizu town in middle of July. About 3 hours of None stop Wadaiko ceremony you can enjoy!

Tourist Info.
There is free parking, and are many food stands.

0. Shimoda Station.
1. Use Tokai Bus to Minami Izucho

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Kuroshio Wadaiko Festival

Wadaiko team
"Minami Taiko"
"Haibara Wadaiko Hozonkai"