Kuroshima Town

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Kuroshima Town (黒島町) is one of the Edo Style Towns located in Noto Peninsula. There are many traditional houses that have the view of Samurai period. This town has been a port town for a long time. The scenery of this town is well preserved as the view of Edo period. It is registered as the Preservation Districts for Groups of Traditional Buildings.

Tourist Info.
There are parking and restroom.

Need a car.
Drive Route 249 north from Kanazawa.

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Kuroshima Town
Kuroshima area is one of the Edo style town located in the western Noto Peninsula. This area is used to be a port town and directly govern by Shogun of Edo government during Edo period. The unique feature of this town is the black roof and Koshi windows. The scenery has the unity of the view.