Kunimi-san temple

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Kunimi-san temple is the ruins of the largest temple in Tohoku located in Iwate. About 1,000 years ago, this area was a huge town of the temple. Today, there are only a few ruins, but there are many stone statues. You can still feel the temple where Sugendo was held in the 11th century.

The ruins of Kunimi-san temple(国見山廃寺跡). This was the site of the largest temple in Northern Japan circa 1,000 A.C.E. This site the ruins were about 150 years from the height of Hiraizumi culture. At this time, Kunimi-san Haiji Ato was the center of Buddhism in northern Japan, however, its decline arrived as Hiraizumi began to grow. Currently, nothing remains, but Dr. Masaji Hamashima, the historian of temple architecture, is making great efforts to restore each temple in this area.

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There are parking and restroom.

0. at Hanamaki Station.
1. use JR Tohoku Line to Kitagami Station.
2. walk west.

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Map around Kunimi-san temple

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Kunimi-san temple
This temple was started as the Kunimiyama Shrine when the first Shogun, Sakanoue no Tamuramaro built a castle near this location in 802. It was called Monomioka, watch tower mountain. Later in 857, the Gokurakuji temple was established here.

This is a decayed rock that stood naturally at the temple site. The hole in this rock evokes a child passing out of the mother's womb. It was the final stage before reaching the mountain top. It means you live a cloistered life.

Toko-no-mine Rock
This is the summit of Mt. Kunimi; it is the biggest and most exposed rock on the mountain. From the top of the rock, you can see a spectacular view of the Kitakami Basin.