Kotohira Shrine Setsubun Festival

Travel Information

Kotohira Shrine Setsubun Festival (金刀比羅神社節分祭) is one of the Setsubun event happens in Suidobashi Tokyo. The main attraction of this Setsubun event at this shrine is the Sumo wrestlers. Setsubun is also known as Matsuri of throwing soy beans for good luck at February 3. At Kotohira Shrine, Sumo wrestlers from Sadogatake Sumo Stable throw the good luck soy beans to the people. It offers great opportunity to meet Sumo wrestlers.

Visitors Info.
Events happens from 15:00. First Sumo Wresters attend the ritual reception at Kotohira Shrine. When they finish the reception (around 15:30), the appears at the special platform and start throwing soy beans to audience.

0. at Tokyo Station.
1. use JR Chuo line to Suidobashi.
2. walk north (4 min.)

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