Kosokuji Temple

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Kosokuji Temple (光則寺) is one of the Nichiren Buddhism temples in Kamakura. This temple starts at 1274, and current main temple was built at 1650.
There are beautiful garden with various kinds flowers and trees. One of their Kaido (Malus halliana) is 200 years old and one of the important nature of the city. Ume trees are also very beautiful in this temple. Kosokuji temple is one of the best temple to visit to see beautiful flowers for any season.

Visitor Info.
Kaido blooms at April, and Ume blooms at end of February. No parking.
Entrance fee: 100 yen.
0. at Kamakura Station.
1. Enoden to Hase Station (10 min.)
2. walk north west (8 min.)

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Map around Kosokuji Temple

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Kosokuji Temple

This temple was formerly the residence of Yadoya Mitsunori, a vassal of the Regent Hojo Tokiyori. Nichren wrote the Rissho Ankoku Ron or " Establish the Right Teaching and Save Our Country", an advice to the government, and submitted it to the Regent thourgh the hand of Tadoya Mitsunori in 1260. When Nichiren was persecuted in 1271, his disciple Nichiro was put in a dungen halfway halfway up this hill Mitsunori converted himself to the religion of Nichiren, and remodelled his residence to this temple called after another pronounciation of his name.

The flowers of Kosokuji Temple:
January: Suiren (Nymphaea), Tsubaki (Camellia japonica), Robai (Chimonanthus praecox)
February: Ume
March: Hakumokuren (Yulan magnolia), Peach
April: Sakura, Hangesho (Saururus chinensis)
May: Tsutsuji (Azaleas), Fuji (Wisteria), Botan (Peony)
June: Ajisai (Hydrangea), Hanashobu (Japanese iris), Ayame Iris
July: Lotus, Kikyo (Platycodon grandiflorum)
August: Sarusuberi (Lagerstroemia), Suifuyo (Hibiscus mutabilis)
September: Hagi (Lespedeza), Higanbana (Amaryllidaceae)
October: Rindo (Gentiana)
November: Sazanka (Camellia sasanqua)
December: Autumn fall.