Koshu Road Gingko Avenue

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Koshu Road Gingko Avenue (甲州街道いちょう並木, koshukaido ichounamiki) is famous Gingko Avenue in Tokyo. Koshu Road is the street which connects Tokyo and Kofu. On Koshu Road between Hachioji station and Takao Station, approximately 4km long, there are about 760 Gingko trees. At the end of November to the beginning of December, they will have beautiful Koyo.

Tourist Info.
It will be nice walking to mt. Takao from Nishi-Hachioji Station where also has beautiful Koyo at the same time.

0. at Hachioji Station.
1. use JR Chuo Line to Nishi-Hachioji or Takao Station.
2. walk (1 min.)

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Koshu Road Gingko Avenue

This Gingko avenue was made in 1929 when the Mausoleum of Taisho Emperor was made.

Gingko, Icho(銀杏) in Japanese, have beautiful bright yellow leaves when they have autumn leaves. Many people visit here and enjoy walking under Icho leaves.

Note: be careful. the fallen leaves of Gingko are very slippy.