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Komyoji (光明寺) is Pure Land Buddhism Temple located in Kamakura. It is one of the very popular temple in Kamakura because of its historical value and large buildings. Komyoji was established in 1243 by Priest Nenna. Priest Nenna was the 3rd high-priest of Pure Land Buddhism, and 4th governor of Kamakura, Hojo Tsunetoki, invited him at Kamakura and asked him to establish Komyoji temple. Therefore, Komyoji was highly respected by Hojo clan of Kamakura. The gate and the main hall are largest ones in Kamakura and have great historical value. There are beautiful Lotus pond and dry garden.

Visitor's info.
There is parking and restroom.
No admission.
Open: 08:00 to 17:00

0. at Kamakura Station.
1. use local bus to Komyojimae.
1. walk (30 min.)

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Komyoji is one of the very popular Temple in Kamakura. It is Pure Land Buddhism Temple established in 1243 by Priest Nenna. Nenna was the 3rd high priest of Pure Land Buddhism. The 4th Governor of Kamakura, Hojo Tsunetoki invited him and asked found the Temple. Therefore, Komyoji was highly respected by Hojo clan. Komyoji was used to be the top of all Kanto 18 Danrin Temples. Danrin is the school entitled by Tokugawa government.

It has beautiful Japanese style garden with pond and dry garden. The garden with pond has beautiful lotus and other seasonable flowers. It has splendid view from the temple. On the other side, there is a dry garden, Karesansui in Japanese.

The main ceremony of this temple, held in October 10 to 15.

The main Hall
It was constructed in 1698. It is registered as a national historical asset. It is 25m tall and one of the largest temple in Kamakura.

Sanmon gate
Constructed in 1847. It's the oldest and tallest gate in Kamakura.

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