Kiyosumi Garden

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Kiyosumi Garden (清澄庭園, kiyosumiteien) is a Japanese style garden located in east side of Tokyo. It has very famous collections of Japanese stones and rocks. In the center of the garden, there is a pond and many different kinds of gardens which represent the seasons of Japan around the pond. This surrounding style of garden is Called "Kaiyushikirinsenteien (回遊式林泉庭園)." Mr. Kinokuniya found this garden at 1716. Therefore, their are many classical features in this garden. You can also enjoy beautiful flowers of all season in this garden.

Tourist Info.
Open hours: 9:00 to 17:00 (last entry is 16:30)
Fee: adult 150 yen over-65 70 yen, under 7th grade fee.

0. at Tokyo Station
1. use Marunouchi Line to Otemachi (2 min.)
2. use Hanzomon Line to Kiyosumishirakawa (10 min.)
3. walk west (3 min.)

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Map around Kiyosumi Garden

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Kiyosumi Garden

It was originally the house of Mr. Monzaemon Kinokuniya in Edo period. Around 1716, it was owned by Landmaster Hisayo from Southern Chiba and he build the basic of this garden. In 1878, Mr. Iwasaki the owner of the house at that time rebuild the garden for reception area for his company. He drew the water from Sumida river, and bring the many beautiful stons and rocks from all over Japan. Finally, it becomes one of the famous Japanese style of Garden in Tokyo.

Sensui (泉水)
The most beautiful feature of this garden is the reflection of the pond. There are three islands in the pond, and reflection of the islands and trees represent another story of Japanese seasons.

Meiseki (名石)
Another feature of this garden is great correction of the stons and rocks. The stons and rocks from all over in Japan was gethered here and well placed. Those stons and rocks are also become another Japanese garden itself in this garden. Some of the ston "Sadoakadamaishi" is not allowed to take them out in these days.

Dinning (料亭)
This dinning was built at 1909 for the reception of General Kitchnor.

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