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Kiso Town (木曽町, kisomachi) is located southern Nagano Pref. Kiso is great tourist spot with Edo Style towns with rich history. Kiso is well know for famous Shogun, Kiso Yoshinaka. There are many his related spots in Kiso. Also, because it was on Nakasendo which connect Edo and Kyoto, there was post town called Fukushima-Juku and Sekisho. There are many those Edo style houses, and some of them are remains since Edo period.

Tourist Info.
There are parking.

0. at Shiojiri Station.
1. use JR Chuo Line to Kiso Fukushima (46 min.)

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Kiso Town
Fukushima-juk Uenodan (福島宿上の段) is Edo style town located Kiso-Fukushima. There are many traditional houses which remains since Edo period. Fukushima-juku was one of post towns on Nakasendo. It is 37th post town. There was Sekisho, the checking point. The Sekisho was considered as one of four major Sekisho. Some of the remaining Edo style houses are used as the restaurants. It has great atmosphere of Edo period in modern restaurants.

Fukushima Sekisho
Fukushim Sekisho (福島関所) is one of Nakasendo Checking point. There are 4 major Sekisho between Kyoto and Edo. On Nakasendo, there are Fukushima and Usui. On Tokaido, there are Arai and Hakone. There is reconstructed Sekisho which also displays many real Kotsu-Tegata, access permission, and other historical stuff. The view of the valley which make this gate unavoidable are still remain the same.

Takase House
Takase House Museum (高瀬家資料館) is a local museum which displays many treasure of Takase family who was one of high class Samura of Kiso Fukushima. There are many historical treasures such as the strategic map of the siege of Osaka, winter, guns, armers, martial arts scrolls and arts. This house is also where the sister of Shimazaki Toson, the famous novelist married into. There are many Toson's items displayed.

Yamamura Daikan House
Yamamura Daikan House (山村代官屋敷) is one of the main feature of Kiso Town. It is remaining Daikan House which is also the local museum today. Daikan is the local governor during Edo period. Yamamura clan was directly ordered by Tokugawa Ieyasu and ruled Kiso which is very important place on Nakasendo road for over 270 years. It displays many historical items of Daikan, such as his official cloth, toys, books, weapons and armers. There are is also beautiful garden.