Kifune Shrine

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Kifune Shrine (貴船神社) is one of the oldest shrines in Kyoto. This shrine protects the water of Kyoto. Since the Ancient time of Japan, Kamo River provides water to Kyoto. Therefore is the shrine has been highly respected by people.

Visitor's Info.
There are parking and restroom.

0. at Kyoto Station.
1. use JR Nara Line to Tofukuji Station.
2. use Keihan Line to Takaragaike Station.
3. use Eizan Kurama Line to Kifuneguchi.
4. use a local bus to Kifune Shrine.

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Kifune Shrine
Kifune Shrine: Dedicated to the rain god Takaokami-no-kami, Kifune Shrine was a middle-ranking shrine at which official offerings were made. Under the Heian Period's Engi classification system, it enjoyed the highest rank of Myojin Taisha, and imperial envoys were sure to visit the shrine with prayers and offerings in the event of drought, exclusively as a god who could send or stop the rain, with offerings of black horses associated with prayers for rain and white or red horses associated with prayers for clear weather.

Before being moved to its current site in 1055, the shrine's main worship hall was located on a rise next to the Kifune River at the site of the current inner shrine. The shrine's grounds include a waterfall where prayers for rain were performed as well as a stone fortress shaped like a ship - called a funagataishi - located to the west of the inner shrine. The shrine is well known for a visit by Heian Period poet Izumi Shikibu, who prayed for reconciliation with her husband. The couple later resolved their differences.