Keihin Industrial District

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Keihin Industrial District (京浜工業地帯, keihin kogo chitai) is the one of the biggest industrial district in Japan. You can see great factories and plantations with beautiful light-up at night! Feel the most efficient artwork which mankind ever build.

Keihin Industrial District is not the tourist spot. Be very aware for NOT ENTERING in side of the factories, and even on the street, try not to disturb the workers there. At night, it is also very dangerous because it is very dark. When you are into those scenery, keep in mind that this is not tourist attraction.

0. at Kawasaki station
1. use JR Tsurumi line to any where.

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Keihin Industrial District

"Factory Moe (kojo moe, uncontrollable love for factories)" for you.

The beauty of the pipes, fire, lights, and smog are one of the best artificial beauty for some people. What they have is all about efficiency, and now it becomes beautiful artwork. Stay out of the restricted area, and find your own best spot!

Note: the third picture is the sigh for DO NOT ENTER. Remember that, and keep in good manner.