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Kazamatsuri (風祭) is located in Hakone. It is lcoated in the Valley of Hayakawa River. Some historians said Kazamatsuri is the village of Fuma Ninja ( 風間忍者). Fuma Village was located at Kazama Valley, and for a long time the sound of Kazama Dani changes to Kazamatsuri.

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There is no sigh of Fuma Ninja remains, but mountain side, you might feel the sprits of Fuma Ninja.

0. at Hakone Yumoto
1. use Hakone Tozan Line to Kazamatsuri (10 min.)

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風間谷→風祭 Fuma=Kazama
Kazamadani →Kazamatsuri

Fuma Kotaro( 風魔小太郎) the name of the head of Fuma Ninja. Fuma Ninja is Ninja organization which served Late Hojo clan. The famous Fuma Kotaro is the 5th Kotaro who worked for Hojo Ujiyasu and Ujinao. During the battle against Takeda Katsuyori, he use his ninjutsu to confuse Takeda and bring Hojo victory. After the fall of Hojo, Kotaro and his ninja became brigands and killed by Tokugawa in 1603.

The story of Fuma Kotaro and Fuma ninja is fiction written in Edo period, but there is his motif. His name is Fuma dewanokami (風間出羽守). He was spy of Hojo clan and from Kazama Valley.

Ninokuruwa Isuke (二曲輪猪助) and Tobikato(飛び加藤) are also Fuma Ninja.