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Kasama (笠間) is the city of ceramic located in middle of north Ibaraki Prefecture. There are many private ceramic studios. At the Craft Hills Kasama, you can enjoy experiencing making ceramics as well. Also, Kasama Inari Shrine is another main attraction of Kasama. It is one of 3 major Inari Shrines in Japan. Kasama is one of the great one day trip spot from Tokyo area.

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There are parking and restroom at each spots.

0. at Mito Station.
1. use JR Mito Line to Kasama Station.

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Map around Kasama

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Kasama Inari Shrine
Kasama Inari Shrine is one of the three major Inari shrine in Japan. It is located in Kasama, Ibaraki prefrecture. It was established in 651. As the god of farming, industry, merchant and fishin Inari shrine has been highly respected since acient Japan to even today. Many of the feudal lords in this region also had donated lots of properties. Today, about 3.5 million visitors worship at Kasama Inari Shrine.

Craft Hills Kasama
Craft Hills Kasama is located in Kasama, Ibaraki Prefecture. It is a shop and school of Kasama-yaki, Kasama style Japanese ceramic. You can experience a making Kasama-yaki by a pottery wheel or your own hands. It has also painting on ceramics, as well. Not only experiencing Kasama-yaki, Craft Hills Kasama has also ceramic school. At the gift shop, they have also local products of all over Ibaraki. At the museum, they display some of the masterpieces by ceramic artists and you can buy them, too.

To no Komichi
To no Komichi is a small pass that has many private studios.