Kameari Kochikame Statue Tour

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Kameari Kochikame Statue Tour (亀有こち亀銅像巡り) is one of popular way to enjoy Kameari and Kochikame. Kameari Station is located in eastern Tokyo, Katsushika Ward, and there are 14 statues of Characters from Kochikame surrounding Kameari Station. Kochikame is the most famous and long loved Manga in the history of Japan, and Kameari is the main field town of the Manga. Touring all statues and take photo with Ryo-san and other characters are must experiencing tour for all Kochikame Lovers.

Tourist Info.
You can get a statue map at the Kameari Station.
Every Sunday, Ryo-san visit Kameari and patrol the town.

0. at Nippori Station.
1. use JR Joban Line to Kameari

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Kameari Kochikame Statue Tour

Kochikame is one of the most popular Manga, comic, in Japan. It's been running over 35 years old since 1978. Kochikame's real name is "Kochira Katsushikaku Kameari Koen mae Hassyutsujo, this is the police station at Kameari park front of Katsushika ward."

Kameari is the main town of the Manga, and Ryo-san is the main character of Kochikame. He is a middle age lazy police officer with lots of hearts and millions of hobbies.

Touring Kochikame Statues
Starts from the north exit of Kameari Station.

1. Hello statue of "Ryotsu Kankichi." This statue was the first statue built in 2006.
2. Statue of "Rose and Reiko." Reiko is another main character of Kochikame.

See the model of the police station.
Walk north to Kameari Park.

3. Statue of "Double V-sign Ryo-san."
4. Statue of "Ryo-san taking break on a bench."

Walk west to Sakura ave.

5. Statue of "Saluting Ryo-san."

Walk to the south side of Kameari Station.

6. Statue of "Ryo-san with Happi and Hachimaki."
7. Statue of "Welcome to Kameari by Ryo-san at the bench."

Walk to south.

8. Statue of "Samba Ryo-san."

Walk east.

9. Statues of "Ryo-san and his friends when they are kids." Their nickname are Ton.Chin.Kan.

Walk south.

10. Statue of "Officer Honda." His is junior officer and one of the best friend of Ryo-san.

Walk east.

11. Statue of "High laugh Ryo-san."

Walk north to Katori Shrine.

12. Statue of "Ryo-san encourages the youth." His quote is "Boys, pursuit the star as your achievement."

Walk back to the station.

13. Statue of "Nakagawa." He is one of the main character of Kochikame. He is the richest guy on the earth.
14. Statue of "Reiko" in Ririo 7th floor.