Jogyoji Temple

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Jogyoji temple (上行寺) is one of the Nichiren Buddhism temples in Kamakura. This temple starts at 1313. It was used to be health pray for Minamoto and Hojo vassals. This is very small temple, but there are nice carvings, especially dragon on the gate. There is also Seven Lucky gods for good luck, and Hariti for having baby, and protect form illness. You can join intoning a sutra very easily.
Visitor Info.
Small parking is available.
0. at Kamakura Station
1. walk to Zushi (11 min.)

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Jogyoji Temple

One of the Sumurai who assassinate Ii Naosuke, Matsunosuke Hiroki did Harakiri in this temple, and there is his tomb in this temple.

This temple enshrines cure stone, Inari for health, and Hariti for babys. So, if you have health problem, visiting this temple is one of the choice you can have.

The Dragon carving at the gate is made by Hidari Jingoro (左 甚五 郎) who was a Japanese artist, sculptor and carpenter, active from 1596-1644. Jingor? is known to have created many famous deity sculptures located throughout Japan. His famous nemuri-neko ("sleeping cat") carving is located above the Kuguri-mon Gate amidst the sacred mountain shrines and temples of Nikk?, Japan. This dragon is one of few his works you can still see now.