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Iwamiginzan (石見銀山) is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites located in Ota, Shimane Prefecture. It was registered as Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine and its Cultural Landscape in 2007. In the best season, one-third of the amount of mined silver in the world was mined in Japan and Iwamiginzan was the major silver mine. There are two ruins of the mines that you can walk and many historical sites remaining. Especially, Omori town has a view of Samurai town.

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There is parking and a restroom.

Use Shinkansen to Hiroshima Station. Use a local bus to Iwami Ginzan

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Okubo Mabu Mining
Okubo Mabu Mining(大久保間歩) is the largest ruins of Iwami Silver Mining that you can enter. It is about 900m long in total and about 150m is open to the public. It's been mined mainly from the end of the Edo period to the Meiji Period. You can see the traces of both modern digging tours and old fashion styles.

Omori Town
Omori Town (大森の町並み) is one of Edo style town located in Shimane Prefecture. It is located in the center of Iwamiginzan which is registered as the UNESCO World Heritage Site. In this area, there are many traditional houses that have a view of the Samurai period.

Ryugenji Mabu
Ryugenji Mabu (龍源寺間歩) is the ruins of silver mining located in Iwami Silver Mining, Shimane Prefecture. It is about 600m long you can see the inside of the heritage. It is registered as a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine, and its Cultural Landscape. It is the only mine that is open all the time. It was dug in the middle of the Edo period and closed in 1943. You can see the old mine in Japan.

Kumagaya house
Kumagaya house(熊谷家住宅) is one of the Samurai Houses located in Iwamiginzan, Shimane Prefecture. It used to be the house of Kumagaya Naomasa who was the governor of Iwami Silver Mine. After that, the governors used this house for their office. It was also used for the hotel for the officers from Edo. This house was reconstructed in 1801 after the huge fire in 1800. It has a great feature of both Samurai House and Marchant houses.

Kawashima House
Kawashima House (旧河島家住宅) is one of the Samurai Houses located in Iwamiginzan, Shimane Prefecture. It was constructed in 1801. Kawashima family used to be the governor of Iwamiginzan. Therefore, it has many features of Samurai Houses.