Iwako Eraser Factory Tour

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Iwako Eraser Factory Tour (イワコー消しゴム工場見学) is a popular factory tour in Saitama Prefecture. Every Saturday, Iwako has a factory tour every Saturday. Iwako creats the unique figure kinds of eraser and people will enjoy to see how the erasers are produced. It will be great experience with your kids. It has also the lecture of how eraser works, as well. It will show you the great Japanese factory.

Tourist Info.
Please use the public transportation.
Need to make a reservation: 048-998-5502 (9:00 to 17:00)
Has to be over 6 years old (when the kids join, parents must attend with them.)
Unit of the reservation is per family, not individual.
No English explanation.

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Iwako Eraser Factory Tour

Iwako was established in 1968 as the factory to creat unique erasers, such as foods, animals and other items. Because its high quality and large variety, their erasers are so popular even today, not only in Japan but also all over the world.
The erasers of Sushi or Japanese sweets, cars animals and other cute stuffs are great souvenirs.

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