Ito House and Umeda House

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Ito House and Umeda House(伊東家住宅と梅田家住宅) is one of Samurai House located in Hirosaki. It is located northside of Hirosaki Castle. This residence was used to be Samurai residence of Hirosaki Domain. There are many remaining Samurai House in this area and Ito and Umeda House are ones of them. It shows the life of Samurai in Tohoku region.

Tourist Info.
There is no parking. There is parking.
Admission: Free.
Open: 10:00 to 16:00
Apr. to Jun. open everyday.
Jul. to Oct. Closed on Tuesday and Friday.
Closed on August 13.
Nov. to Mar. Open weekend. Umeda House will be closed.
Open during Neputa Matsuri, Kiku and Koyo Matsuri, Yukidourou Matsuri.

0. at Hirosaki Station.
1. walk north (40 min.)
1. use Bus to Kamenokoumonmae.
2. walk (5min.)

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Ito House and Umeda House
Ito House
Ito House was constructed in early 19th century. Samurai Ito was doctor of Tsugaru Domain. It has a standard structure of Samurai House.

Umeda House built in the middle of 19th century.Because this area has heavy snow, this house is very closed on north-west side and opened on south-east for Sun light. This is also popular house of Tsugaru domain.