Ishibei Koji Street

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Ishibei Koji Street (石塀小路) is one of the popular street in Kyoto. The street itself is very narrow which makes this view of this street very Kyoto. Ishibei literary means Stone moat. Because the houses on this street have beautiful stone walls, it was named "the narrow street with stone walls." The entire scenery of this street and houses are preserved as the important historical buildings.

Tourist Info.
The entrance is 3rd or 4th street from the main gate of Yasaka Shrine.
Watch your steps. This street is actually a slope.

0. at Kyoto Station.
1. use city bus 206 or 100 to Gion.
2. walk (10 min.)

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Map around Ishibei Koji Street

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Ishibei Koji Street

There are many restaurants and hotels in this street. The stone floors on this street are reused from base stones of Kyoto Line.