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Inatori Osen (稲取温泉) has many traditional festival that have been held since late Edo Period, such as the Hina Tsurushi Matsuri and Dontsuku Matsuri. Onsen ofers relaxation and recreation, accompanied by a panoramic view of the sea with Izu Oshima off in the distance. The culinary culture offers a wide range of dishes made chiefly from fresh seafood. In summer, there are family events and swimming on the beach. Blessed with a pleasant, moderate climate, Inatori is a small coastal town that offers visitors a lavish range of fun and enjoyment throughout the year.

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There are free foot Onsen.

0. at Atami Station
1. use JR Supper view Odoriko to Izu Inatori (1 hr.)

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Inatori Osen

One such tradition is the Hina Doll Festival, a festival held to celebrate and pray for the good health and growth of little girls. In Inatori, located in Izu Peninsula, Shizuoka prefecture, the festival for girls is held with its own unique tradition called Tsurushi Kazari that dates back to the Edo period.
Mothers creat many dolls in prayer for the happiness of their children. We hope will come and see the home of this tradition of beauty and familial love that has been handed down over generations.

In history, Inatori was the town where the stones of Edo castle were carried. There are many stones are left over in this town. There are many ruins you can see how stones were prepared and carried over.

Inatori is also famous for its red sea bream. Also, there are many fresh fishes which offers you great sashimi and sushi.