Ikuta ryokuchi baraen

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Ikuta ryokuchi baraen (生田緑地ばら苑) is a rose garden located in Kawasaki city. There are about 530 kinds 4,700 roses in this garden. It is one of the oldest rose garden around Tokyo. Many people visit here during rose season and enjoy the beautiful flowers.

Tourist Info.
The admission: free (please give them a donation, this park is operated by the donation)
There is parking and restroom.
Note: This garden open twice a year. Spring and Fall when the roses are blooming.
The opening season is depend on the how rose are blooming.
So, check out their official web site.

0. at Kawasaki Station.
1. use JR Nanbu Line to Shukugawara (30 min.)
2. walk south west (20 min.)

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Ikuta ryokuchi baraen