How to cook Onigiri

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Onigiri, as also known as Rice Ball, is the most popular lunch for Japanese since very old days. Onigiri is rice griped ball with many kinds of ingredients inside of the ball, and mostly surrounded by seaweed, nori. Onigiri has various choice to make.

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How to cook Onigiri

-Rice Ball-

Umeboshi, Plum,
Salted cod roe,
Salted Salmon,
Seaweed, Nori

First, grill Salmon and cod roe.
Grill the skin first when you cook Salmon.
Use strong fire with distance when you grill fishes.
Next, cod roe.
Only, grill the surface.
Let's make Onigiri, rice ball.
First put water on your hands.
Then, put salt little over your hands.
Take a bowl size rice.
Put ingredients inside the rice.
Take out the seed of plum.
Then, grip like this.
Next, cod roe.
Next, salmon.
Use quoter side of seaweed, Nori.
It easy to cut, just bend it like this.
Roll over Onigiri.
That's it.