How to cook Yakitori

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Yakitori (焼き鳥) is one of the most popular Izakaya food. It is skewered grilled chicken. There are mostly two kinds of flavor: Tare and Shio. Tare is soy sauce based flavor, and Shio is simple salt flavor. Here MLJ will introduce how to cook Yakitori with Tare.

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How to cook Yakitori

-Chicken 350g
-Green Onion 2
-Soy Sauce
-Sesame Oil
-Garlic 1 piece

First peel Garlic and grind it.

Making Tare (Yakitori Flavor)
Add 3 large table spoons of Soy Sauce.
Add 1 large table spoon of Sake.
Add 1 large table spoon of Honey.
Add half large table spoon of Sesame Oil.
Add ground garlic.
Add 1 large table spoon of Sugar.
Then mix them.
Cut Green Onion about 3cm wide.
Remove the skin of Chicken and cut it one bit size.
Cut Skin, too.

Making Yakitori
Skewer Chicken and Green Onion.
Chicken→Green Onion→Chicken→Green Onion→Chicken.
Dip them into Tare for 30 min.
Flip them some times so that they get the flavor well.
Put them on fish grill, and grill them about 5 min.
Take them out and flip them again.
Add another Tare over Yakitori.
Then, grill another 5 min.
Remove Tare on pan and cook it until it get sticky.
Remove Yakitori on a Dish.
Add cooked Tare.
That's it.