How to cook Warabimochi

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Warabimochi (わらび餅) is very popular Japanese sweets. It is Mochi, made from Warabi Starch, and flavored with Kinako, crunched Soy Beans with sugar, and black sugar syrup. Legend said, Emperor Daigo loved this sweets. Therefore, it's been very popular for all time in Japan. Nara and Kyoto have many Warabimochi Shops.

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How to cook Warabimochi

Warabimochi Powder (80g).
Kinako (Crunched Soy Beans).
Black Suger Syrup.

Let's cook. First of all, prepare 350cc of water in a pan.
Add 80g of Warabimochi powder.
Mix them well.
Make sure you mix them complete even.
Then, cook it.
You can add sugar if you want to.
Then, keep mixing.
Mix them until it becomes clear.
This is good. Stop fire.
Put it inside of Refrigerator for 30 min.
While we are waiting, let's make Kinako.
Add Sugar (you like) in Kinako powder.
Then, mix them.
Removed cold Warabimochi on a chopping board.
Cut them into one bite size.
Add water on your hands and remove Warabimochi on a dish.
Add Kinako and Kuromitsu at last.
That's it for Warabimochi.
Everyones's favorite, Warabimochi.
It's great sweets for summer.