How to cook Tarako Spaghetti

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Tarako Spaghetti or most Japanese call it Tarako-Spa is one of typical Japanese Spaghetti. Tarako is Cod roe. It uses Dashi for base soup. So, its taste is so Japanese.

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How to cook Tarako Spaghetti

Ingredients for 2 persons:
- Pasta 200g
- Raw cod roe 2
- Sliced small green onions,
- Long thin striped Seaweed,
- Dashi Soup 200g

Use boild water with salt to cook Pasta.
Next, peel off the skin of a cod roe.
Cut line on the cod roe.
Open it and remove the eggs like this.
Save some of eggs for the last topping.
Make small green onions into Koguchigiri.
Make Nori into long shin strips.
Remove the pasta to a frying pan.
Add 200cc of Dashi on the pan, then boil them.
When Dashi is boiling, add cod roes.
Then, mix them well.
Once, the cod roes are cooked, remove them on a dish.
Pour all Dashi soup, too.
Decorate raw cod roes.
Add small green onions.
Add Nori, then that's it.
Mix them well before you eat.