How to cook Somin Champuru

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Somin Champuru (ソーミンチャンプルー) is one of the local noodle of Okinawa. It's a grilled Somen Noolde with Chive and Tuna Flakes. Somin is Okinawa dialect for Somen Noodle. It is very easy and tasty noodle, especially great for summer.

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How to cook Somin Champuru

Tuna Flakes with Oil.
Garlic Chive 5 to 6
Somen Noodle (Somin is Okinawa Dialect). 200g
Sesame Oil
Soy Sauce
Salt & pepper

For boiling Somen, prepare pan with full of water.
Cut Chive 3cm wide.
Don't use this part.
Boil Somen for 30 seconds.
Remove Somen from boiled water.
Wash with cold water.
Drop water. No need to drop all water.
Add oil of Tuna Flakes. Otherwise, they get sticky.
Heat pan and add sesame oil.
Add Chive and Tuna and grill them.
Then, add Somen noodle and mix them.
Once, they are mixed well, add salt & pepper.
Add little Soy Sauce.
Put them on a dish and that's it.
Here we have Somin Champuru.