How to cook Soba

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Soba is popular Japanese noodle made from soba. It could be served as hot or cold. Cold Soba is called Zaru Soba. Soba restaurants are the most common restaurants in Japan beside Ramen.

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How to cook Soba

- Soba
- Wasabi
- Green Onion
- Soba tsuyu (see How to cook Soba-Tsuyu)

First cut Green Onion, 5mm wide.
Boil water and put Soba. Raw Soba (2 to 4 min.) Dry Soba (4 to 6 min.)
Adjust the heat level when it gets too many bubbles.
While you are waiting Soba, make Soba Tsuyu.
Soba Tsuyu is usually very condensed, so thin down with water.

Use metal basket and a pan to separate hot water and Soba.
Don't waste the hot water because this one becomes Sobayu, Soba Water.

Wash Soba with cold water and break them into one bite size.

Add Nori, seaweed over Soba.

Add Wasabi and Green Onion just before you eat Soba.

When you finish eating Soba, mix Soba water and dipping sauce to make Soba drink.