How to cook Pork Reishabu

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Pork Reishabu is a cold "Shabu-Shabu." It is a hard boiled pork which cool down by ice water, and served as cold a salad. Reishabu is a popular food in summer in Japan. Rei Shabu is mostly considered as the salad because it served with salad dressing.

Here is what you need for Reishabu.

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How to cook Pork Reishabu

- Pork Loin, it is the same as Shabu Shabu Pork.
- Lettuce,
- Sesame dressing.

First start boiling water and prepare ice water.
Let's Shabu Shabu.
Make sure you have to boil pork well.
As soon as it cooked, remove pork into Ice water.
Once pork get cold, then removed the water.
Cut lettuce for one bite size by hand.
Put lettuce on a dish and put pork on the lettuce.
That's it.

Eat with Lettuce.