How to cook Oden

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Oden is one of the common Nabe, the Japanese style stew, in winter. Oden takes several ingredients, mostly vegetables and fish cakes and fried pan cakes.

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How to cook Oden

Eggs, it's raw.
Fried foods.

Let's cut radish.
Cut it 3cm wide, and peel it. Removed this white parts.

Then, cut the edge and make it round for both side.

Then cut top in cross to make a flavor saturate better.

Then, boil them from the water.

Let's cut Konnyakuk. Cut it half and diagonal to make it triangle.
Thenk cut top several times, again.

Cut Hampen into triangle.

Cut Chikuwa for one bite size.

For those fried stuff, we have to remove all extra oil with boiled water.

When all the extra oil come out, remove them from water.

Remove Radish from boiled water, too.

When you remove Radish, pick them up so that you don't break the shape.

Add salt in water, and let's make hard-boiled eggs.

Let's make Oden soup. Prepare a large pan and add lots of water.

Today, we just use Dashi soup. Use, Kelp Dashi.

Add correct amount of Dashi into the water. Then, start boiling with weak fire.

Then, check out the taste.

Let's put Oden Ingredients.

Heat it more than 1 hour.

Never let it boils. Use weak fire. Just tiny bobles are coming from the bottom is good.

Oden is ready.

Hampen. Kinchaku, Chikuwa, Ganmodoki,Tsumire, Gobo Roll, Konnyaku, and Radish.