How to cook Kuzukiri

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Kuzukiri is one of popular Japanese Sweets in summer.
It made from Kuzu Powder (a starch powder made from Kuzu).
and Sugar. Because it served with ice water, people love to eat this in summer.

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How to cook Kuzukiri

It made from Kuzu Powder (a starch powder made from Kuzu) 100g
Suger 10g
Kuromitsu (a Japanese sugar syrup) Water 300cc

Let's make crust Kuzukiri.
Add, 10g of suger on 100g of Kuzu Powder.
Then add water (300cc).
Then, mix them.
Prepare a small pan like this.
Pour one or two scoops of Kuzu.
Then heat it with boiled water.
Once, its color changed to clear, that's it.
Cool it down with water, then remove it from the pan.
Slice it into long thin strips.
Put them into water with ice.
You can cut them into your favorite size.
That's it for making Kuzukiri!