How to cook Kuri Gohan

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Kuri Gohan (栗ご飯), chestnuts rice, is the popular delicacy of Japanese Autumn. In October, fresh chestnuts appear in a market, and Kuri Gohan is one of the way to enjoy Chestnuts. It is takikomi gohan, steaming with rice and ingredients in a rice cooker.

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How to cook Kuri Gohan

-Sweet Chestnuts 300g
-Rice 2 cups
-Cooked Sesame seed
-Sake 2 large table spoons
-Soy Sauce 1 small table spoon
-Mirin 1/2 large table spoon
-Salt 3/4 small table spoon

Prepare warm water to peel off the shell.
Don't boil them. Stop the fire.
Put Chestnuts and leave them about 30 min.
Polish rice.
Remove Chestnuts.
Cut bottom and peel off the shell.
There are two shells. Remove both of them.
Cut them half.
Put Rice in a bowl of rice-cooker and add 440 ml of water.
Sake 2 large table spoons.
Soy Sauce 1 small table spoon.
Mirin 1/2 large table spoon.
Salt 3/4 small table spoon
Mix them and put Chestnuts over rice.
Cook rice in normal mode.
Wait another 5 to 10 min. after it cooked.
Mix them.
Add Sesame seed.
That's it.