How to cook Kitsune Udon

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Kitsune Udon is mostly served in hot noolde. Kitsune is the flavored Aburaage, deep fried Tofu. It's the most basic Udon.

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How to cook Kitsune Udon

-Udon noodle
-It is the fried Tofu.
-Green Onion.
-Soy Sauce with Dashi.

Let's prepare Kitsune. Kitsune is this Aburaage.
Cut it half.
Aburaage is fried Tofu, and it needs to be removed extra oil of it with hot water.
Let's boil Aburaage. You can also pour hot water over them

Prepare water (600cc).
Add two scoops of Dashi Soy Sauce.
Add one and half scoops of Sake.
Add two large table spoons of Sugar.
Then boil it.
Put Abraage into this sauce and boil them for 20 min.

While we are waiting for Aburaage, let make boiled Spinach.
Wash its roots and remove all soils.

Boil Spinach for 1 minute.
Cool spinach with cold water. Remove extra water.
Removed the bottom and cut it 5cm wide.

Let's make a soup of Kitsune Udon.
Prepare water (800cc).
Add two scoops of Dashi Soy Sauce.
Add one scoop of Sake.
Then boil it for 3 minutes.
When the soup is ready. Taste it and adjust the taste if you need it.
This time I add little extra dashi.

Let's make Udon Noodle.
Put Udon into boiled water, and make sure break it apart.
Don't boil Udon too long.
Udon will be ready by a minute.
Remove Udon.

Use large bowl and pour the soup.
Put Udon noodle.
Put Spinach.
Put Aburaage.
That's it.